Friday, June 25, 2010

Left Cocoa Beach Saturday Morning and ended up in Titusville, where the Kennedy Space Center is located. Did not visit the KSC, we would like to go back by car in July once we have visited home for a couple of weeks. The town was not close by the anchorage, so we decided to stay on the boat that day and rest. Early that afternoon we noticed some people starting to congregate at a pavilion on shore. They had a pa system playing instrumental music, when all of a sudden we heard the tune "HERE COMES THE BRIDE". It was like we were there, we had audio and looked at the ceremony thru the binoculars (just kidding). We did look one time, to see what the bride was wearing. The wind was in the right direction so we listened to the DJ perform the ceremony, sing and play music. Sunday morn. left for New Smyrna City Marina. Along the way we had to pass in a cut where the people stood on the shores and fished. (pic). We also got a pic of a manatee's tail. Don't laugh, these things are really hard to spot. Ronnie has been living in Fl for over 2 years and he just saw a manatee not to long ago.
Made it in 3 hours. It had an historical district, so we walked and found a nice little restaurant. Ate and walked some more. Went back to boat and sat in the cockpit watching the pelicans and egrets. (pics). I have a video of a snow egret on our bow line, checking out the fish. We called to rent a car for Monday and went get groceries. Then we headed to the ocean. (video). We also did some shopping in the little shops along the beach road. That night we found a seafood restaurant called Blackbeard. The food was good according to 3 of us. We headed to find the light house, but it was on the other side of the inlet. Once we returned to the marina, Mike started feeling bad. Dixie and Lu stayed up with him till 11 o'clock. He thinks the shrimp he ate were not good. (probably right). It was not a good night for him. Next morning the car was returned and off we went. Ended up at Palm Coast Marina. Hit the bed early and left early, while the tide was high. Ended up at St. Augustine. Headed to West Marine to search for a few parts. Next morning went roam through the historic district. (quite a few pics). Took video at night of light house and moon. Will write later. Love Mike and Lu, Dixie and Dicky

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Once we left Stuart the east coast was finally in site. Reached it in an hour or so, whooo hooo, along the way we noticed a dinghy with 4 or 5 smaller dinghy's behind it all in a row (pics) it was the cutest. Looked like a human version of mama duck with her young in tow. We ended up anchored out at Fort Pierce. Mike went for a swim and cleaned the bottom of the boat. Lu sat out and read a bit. Dixie and Dicky decided to stay in Stuart a few days. The next morning we were ready to move on when a neighboring boat owner motored over and asked Mike for help to haul him up the mast to repair his anchor light that broke during the night. They were Jacques and Patricia DeVall from Vero Beach, which is where we were heading. They said the city marina was a nice place to dock and the city bus passed right there. It has quite a few routes around town. The only route we were interested in was the beach and a shopping center. So, off we went. The beach(pic of Atlantic Ocean) had a really nice park with statues of sea turtles(pic) every so often. Like the pelicans in Lafayette. The shopping area there was upscale. So we did some window shopping and of course found an ice cream parlor. (pics).
The next 2 days were spent in Cocoa Beach. Their historic district and main street are only 2 blocks away from the marina. As we were walking along the dock, heading up to the marina office, I noticed a few jelly fish (pics). Neat little creatures, but not something you want to play with in the bathtub. We did alot of walking, looking and shopping. We ate at Ryan's Irish Pizzeria and Pub. (go figure). Have to say it was delicious. Mike had a Stromboli and Lu had a ham & cheese sub. We visited a hardware store that has been in business and same location for 125 years (pics) It reminded us of Dixie Hardware, before renovations to the opera house.It had everything you could imagine. Also took a few pictures of the shopping and historical district at night. Hey maybe once the trees on main street in Crowley have grown, lights can be placed in them, like this main street has. This is another one of the interesting places we have stopped and enjoyed. We are now hoping to make our way to Titusville, near the space center. Later, Lu & Mike

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi Guys,
Left early the next morning and ended up at LaBelle City Docks. Met a young couple from Alaska with their 18 month old son and another on the way. They were preparing their boat to be placed at a marina and fly back to Alaska to have the baby. They will return when the new baby will be 6 months. I have a few words to call this. Walked into town, ate supper and headed back to the boat. The following morning we were on our way to Lake Okeechobee. Going down the water we met up with some swimming cows.(pic) This part of Florida is Cattle Ranches. Once we crossed the lake we were at Port Mayaca Railroad Bridge, (pic) which raises to 49 feet. We called that morning to check out the situation and was told the bridge was at 49.1 ft. Dicky And Dixies mast on Me Nou is 48 feet tall with 1 1/2 feet of antennas. So you can figure our concern. Mike and Lu went under without any fear since the mast on ChrisJen is 43 feet. Next was Dixie and Dicky's turn. We all held our breaths and Me Nou went under the bridge with the antennas bending backwards. After the crossing the antennas flopped forward and we all yelled. Mike and Lu grabbed each a beer to celebrate. (pic). We called Dixie and Dicky they were doing the same thing. We pulled into Indianatown Marina. (pic) Did a little walking in their storage yard. There was so many boats on stands it looked like a boat grave yard. This is one of the places where snowbirds store their boats and head up North for the summer. Mike and Lu rode their bikes into town, not much to see. Dixie cooked meat ball stew that night. yum-yum. She is a really good cook. On our way to Stuart and the East coast we had to go through the St Lucie Canal Locks. (2 videos & pics) The drop would be 14 ft. That was the greatest drop in water level we have ever experienced. Made it to Stuart that afternoon and moored on a mooring ball. Only 4 miles for officially being on the east coast. Ok, talk later. Going to the marina to pay for the over night stay on the mooring ball.
Love L&M, D&D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hi Everyone,

We traveled all day through Clearwater, Pass-A-Grill, and across lower Tampa Bay area. Stopped at Seafood marina in Cortez for the night. Not much to say about this, Mike and Lu went eat, while Dixie and Dicky went wash clothes. Up the next morning back to traveling. They even have ferries here. (pictures). Felt like Cameron, except this one was rather small in size and only had to cross the bayou. Made our stop for the night at Placioda Cove, just short of Boca Grande Swing bridge. We dropped the anchor and the dinghy's and took a ride to Gasparilla Pass. We went shell hunting, came back to boat for supper and some chit-chat then hit the sack.
June 7, had short run to Charlotte Harbor, which took us to Matlacha (picture). Matlacha is where Ronnie and Karla have their home. We anchored at their dock (2 pictures). Lu started washing clothes and we visited with Matt (Karla's brother). He was kind enough to lend us his van to replenish groceries and fuel. Thanks Matt. Mike took a swim in the pool while the rest of us sat around, talked and had a few drinks.
Got up late. did a few projects, then Mike and Lu went to coffee shop and stopped by to say hi to Bob, who is a family friend of Ronnie's. Dixie and Dicky did some projects on their boat today, as well. That afternoon Mike lit the pit and we all sat around and told stories. The next morning Dixie and Lu took a couple of hours to walk into town to get in a little shopping then headed back to the boat for 11:45. The canals are shallow and that was the time for high tide.
Made it to Cabbage Key and docked at their marina. Went eat at their restaurant (pictures). It is full of one dollar bills with peoples name on them. The story goes along time ago some one said he would leave a dollar at the restaurant and try to go make his fortune, if he failed he would not be broke, cause he still had that dollar, so the tradition started as you can see in the pictures. It was told to us by the waitress there is about 80,000., on the walls. Dixie pressed on the post and there was a nice cushion. (not just a bill then wood). We walked up the water tower (pictures) the view was gorgeous (pictures). the pictures do not do it justice, I took some of our boats tied up at the harbor. Back on the ground heading back to the boat we noticed 2 or 3 turtles wondering around. (2 videos) along with ducks just sitting under a tree. It was a real treat to visit Cabbage Key. After we made our way to Captiva Pass where the water was 10-13 feet deep about 100 yards from the north side of the beach. We decided to anchor there for the night. (pictures). Dropped anchor and dinghy and headed to the beach for some more shell hunting. We had a northerly breeze so we sleep outside in the cockpit that night. The breeze stayed all night, it actually got cool and the stars were bright.
Well it is time to head east. We are going through the Okeechobee Waterway, which is a passage that runs through Florida instead of going around by Key West. That will be another trip. (possibly winter) We are trying to head up the east coast and go as far as we can before the cold weather gets us .
Well till next time, Love Lu and Mike, Dixie and Dicky

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tarpon Springs

Once we tied up at the city marina in Tarpon Springs, we headed to Mama's Greek Restaurant. The food was great. Mike ate roast leg of lamb with roasted Greek potatoes, yes he did!!!!! Walked around and window shopped, then headed back to the boat. The next morning we were off to the stores with Mike and Dicky right behind us. The population of Tarpon Springs is mostly Greeks, due to being the sponge capitol of Florida and probably the US.(pictures). Their main street is definitely for tourist, shop after shop after shop. (pictures) Mike and Lu shopped till the afternoon and then headed to a dive shop where Mike bought him a spear gun and a diving hood. Dixie and Dicky were still hitting the shops. They came back to the boat around 8:00 that evening. Ronnie and Karla from Tampa, came visit and ended up spending the night. We had a fantastic time. The next morning all 6 of us went to Tarpon Springs Diner in Ronnie and Karla's truck (picture). We all enjoyed ourselves. Once we returned to the boat it was back to shopping for us 3 ladies. The men opted out. While the ladies shopped, Ronnie taxied Dicky and Mike to get fuel for the boats. Karla and Ronnie left around lunch, while Dixie and Lu did not skip a beat on the shopping. Lu and Dixie returned to the boat around 4pm. The guys were napping. Look what island time can do to a person. Meet the new revitalized Dicky. (pictures) Dixie said she likes a man with long hair. lol We sat outside till 9:30pm. then, we all prepared to depart from Tarpon Springs in the morning and headed to bed.
We were out of the slip by 6:30 the next morning on our way to Anna Marie Island. We are back in the Intracostal, so it was slow going. Had bridges to call for them to open up and they only opened every half hour, so we would have to float around waiting.(picture) Once we reached Anna Marie Island the marina was to shallow for our boat, so we headed a little further to Cortez, which is where we are for the night. At the seafood marina. Love y'all, Lu, Mike Dixie and Dicky

Thursday, June 3, 2010

St Marks Light house

Spent a week in St Marks, it is a simple living on the water, town. Not much to do, but we enjoyed the time. We ate at a local restaurant called Riverside (go figure). The food was good and service excellent, thanks to Angel, Linda and Janet. They also provided live music on Fri., Sat., & Sun. Friday the generator was delivered, so Dicky and Mike began putting it back together.
All went well. Sat we spent the day preparing to leave. Left early and hit the gulf heading for Steinhatchee. We had 3 ft. seas and Mike said steep chop. Sometimes it was like riding a rocking horse. Got into Steinhatchee River around 6:30pm looking for anchorage, when we noticed a lady standing on her dock. She hollered, where y'all heading? We explained and she offered us to tie at her dock for the night. Come to find out she and her husband (deceased) were avid sailors years ago. Her name is Rhoda Moehrings and long time citizen of Steinhatchee. Dixie called her a guardian angel. Dixie and Lu decided they wanted to spent the next day there and the men went along with that. Back in Apalachicola Dixie an Lu figured they would buy a charm at each stopping point or should I say shopping point, so off they went following a good nights rest. Dicky came along with us, while Mike stayed at the boat and got the bikes back in working order. Salt air sure can mess things up. We met up with Rhoda that afternoon and she kindly drove us around town and to a small waterfall up the river. We returned and went walking some more and went into this wood shop. We met the owner appropriately named Stickman. He was really interesting to listen to. Went back to the boat and both bikes were on the pier so Mike and Lu took a ride around town, before the no-see-ums came out. Did I tell y'all about the no-see-ums. OMG they are horrible. I will take our mosquitoes any day at least you can see them.
The net day we were off to Crystal River not much to say. The seas were real calm an enjoyed the ride. We anchored in what Dixie called an anchor city, went to bed. The next morning we went get fuel at Pete's Pier and met a nice young lady by the name of Cassie. She said her boy friend was from Lake Charles (small world). She was very friendly and gave us good information. Then headed out for Tarpon Springs. The water was beautiful, Dixie sat on the front of her boat almost all day. Dicky even walked up to the front to see what all the excitement was about. Lu went back and forth, front to back. there was so much to see, due to the water looking like a swimming pool. Mike kept saying all day, if we had the time he would anchor and go snorkeling. Well, he kind of got his wish, he ran over a crab trap and the rope wrapped around the prop and stopped the engine. So into the water he went to cut the rope away. No damage to report, the engine started right up and we were off again. Made it to Tarpon Springs and the city marina, but this is another story yet to come. Hope all is well at the home-fronts. (Crowley and Lake Arthur). Will have another blog soon, now that we are back in the intracostal, we should have better signals.
Love Lu, Mike, Dixie, & Dickey (posting more pics and video)