Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hi Y'all,
That's the slang here in Georgia. Well, we have relinquished our duty Saturday and it is just Mike & Lu again. The last 2 weeks of July we were entertained by one of our 4 grandsons. Each day we swan in the pool at the marina to release his energy. We went for boat rides, we rode bikes to St. Simons Island, shopped, fished, ate at restaurants, played cards, he played his PSP, and for the grand finale we rented a car and drove to Atlanta to the Georgia Aquarium. It was well worth going. Even Mike was impressed.
We are in Thunderbolt, which is right outside of Savannah, we have met up with Dixie and Dicky. We (all 4) took a little ride last night in our boat (ChrisJen), and took her back to the marina where we bought her (ChrisJen). The marina is about 4 miles up the Wilmington River. It was a nice ride with the sea breeze and the sunset.
We will be heading out this morning, heading (of course) north. I will keep up with the blog again. Sorry for the delay. xoxo, L&M & D&D

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note. We are at home in Louisiana for another week. We rented a car and drove in around the 30th of June for a wedding and Lu and Dixie were really missing their kids and grand kids. We will leave out around the 12th or 14th of July and head back to Georgia. Mike and Lu left their boat at Golden Isle Marina in St Simon's Island and Dixie and Dicky left theirs at Dallas Bluff Marina due to the fact that they had kin folks who lived near DBM and visited for a few days before the trip back to LA. Once we make it back to Georgia Lu will start the blog again. Till then, we will enjoy being with family and friends.
L&M, D&D