Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Island Time

Hi Family & Friends

We are still in St. Marks Fla. waiting on a generator for D&D's boat. I want to take this time to thank a few special people who have helped us prepare for this trip. I will not mention all, but as time goes by hope not to miss anyone. Being able to write these blogs and set up everything took special friends like Richard S.,Davis D., Karl F.. We have received many e-mails which we try to respond to when we are able, if we have internet, but believe me it's not like at home . I would like to thank a few others that are taking care of home affairs for us like our two daughters, the Richards, Paul C., the Abshires & the Leonards, we are grateful for them. There are others like the Woodards, the Nelsons and more who we miss seeing.
We work on small projects each day and some how think of all of you. We are still adjusting to living on the boat, and the NO-SEE-UM's make the mosquito's a joy. The Shields Marina has been very nice to us, yesterday they lent us a Yukon to use, and guess where we went, wrong! , to a state park which has a spring where they filmed the Monster of the Black Lagoon and where Tarzan did his thing, then we went to WAL-MART haha! We have taken a couple of dinghy rides up the St. Marks River and also the Wakulla River, clear water, saw many fish, turtles, a raccoon, a gator and some people that looked straight out of Deliverance, many types of trees in the same spot, like a Pine next to a Cypress, then a Palm, a Magnolia and some we could not identify.
OK, time to take a nap, get some more rest for the next project, like laundry which takes a half day.
We hope to update again soon. Hey! Bill and Ernest tell everyone at the station Hi.

Love Y'all
Lu & Mike

Saturday, May 22, 2010

  Doesn't this look like home? I really enjoyed heading to Apalachicola, reminded of Lake Arthur. We made it a short running day and had a great time in Apalachicola. Had sandwiches for lunch then Dixie and Lu hit the town. they did some heavy site seeing in the little antique shops. Then Dicky and Mike came meet us for great food at the Grill restaurant. And on to the ice cream parlor for some Blue Bell ice cream cones. Headed to bed around 8:30pm, so we could have an early start the next morning. According to the chart plotter we had a 49.9 foot bridge to pass under so we had to make it at low tide.As we approached the bridge the gauge read 62', lots of worry for nothing.Well, we motored thur St. George Sound, then out into the gulf, it was great. Lu ran to the front of the boat every time the porpoise came to greet us, she became obsessed with taking moving pictures and talking to them, and they showed off right in front of the boat.She would tell me, you should see the babies.We made our way to the St. Marks River late this afternoon and found a place to dock at the Shields Marina. D and D are still having generator problems and hope to get a tech. to check it out Monday. We will stop for now, would like to upload video for Grandsons to see. have to figure that one out. We will head to wash clothes, get supplies and finish more projects while we are docked.
Good Saturday Morning Family & Friends,

Remember the last post I told y'all I would get permission from Dixie to tell her story? Well I got it. so here goes. I believe it's one of those stories that you just had to be there, but I'll try. We (Lu, Mike, Dixie and Dicky) were heading back to the boat from Margaret's and Buddy's house after supper in Orange Beach, with Dixie driving. We were chatting and missed the rode to turn on so we decided to go Bear Point, which was just a few miles further. We all had wine except for Mike. So I guess we should have let him drive. We turned around and headed back to try and find the street sign so we could turn. It happened to be on the other side of the road so Dixie would move into the on coming traffic lane (with no cars coming, of course). When it wasn't the street she would get back in her lane. this was done about 4 or 5 times. All of a sudden there were red lights shining in the back. Yea you guessed it COPS. Now Dicky and Mike are holding half opened bottles of wine between their legs and Lu has a glass of wine in her hand. We pulled over and the cop told Dixie the reason he pulled us over was that we were swerving and doing 30 in a 55 mile an hour highway. Dixie is trying to talk and rummage through her purse for her license. Yea you guessed it NO LICENSE. And Lu is thinking Dixie quit talking before the officer can smell the wine on your breath. Dixie could only find her TWIC card ( it's a card the home land security issues to people who have to or want to go into ports being unexcorted, they do a background check on your life's history) She offered that to the officer and explained her license was left at the boat. He asked us if we were putting down the boomers. I'm sure by now most of you know what boomers are, if not they are the absorbers that are laid in the water for the oil spill. She replyed that we were just traveling. He took her TWIC card and ask her birth date, went back to his car returning in a few minutes. Well this you will never guess. He came back with the statement, Uh mam, do you realize you are driving a deceased womens car? Well that did it we all pop out laughing. Dixie said yes sir, this car belongs to a friend of ours whose wife just recently passed away. The officer was smiling by this time. Mike put the back window down and I noticed his last name was Long, which happened to be the same last name as Margaret and Buddy (where we just left from and remember I told y'all she wrote a book, well she just happened to autograph a copy and gave us each one) . Lu picked up the book and showed it to the officer and ask if he knew the Longs, because that is where we were coming from. Yea, you guessed it, NOT. he was from up in Tennessee. He asked what street we were looking for and told us it was 2 more down and to be safe. We left that KIND Officer Long and went on our way. Yea you guessed it, we MISSED the road AGAIN. We turned around and Thanked Officer Long one more time, cause he was following us and we made it back to the boat, laughing so much.
Needless to say my girls were not happy when I told them that story.
OK now for the update. We waited for D&D to catch up in Panama City,fueled up and headed further down the ICW. We found a nice little cove to anchor in. It was great, nice breeze, nice wine, and nice friends. Woke up the next day on our way to Port St. Joe. We pulled into a marina tied up and walked to a Piggley Wiggley and did some grocery shopping. Then we found a shrimp boat dock to tie up to had Mike grill some steaks and sausage. ummmm was delicious. D&D brought their chairs and sat on dock and visited. Then off to bed we went.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi Y'all,
I'm not going to say sorry for the delay this go round. Seems that we have to be on line to blog, instead of typing and then importing. Oh well we'll get her done. Left Dauphin Island early with wave action again. So, we tucked behind D&D which made it a little easier.
Made it to Orange Beach around 1 pm and meet up with Clyde (long time friend of D&D). Lu started washing clothes while Dickey went get supper(fresh oysters), Mike and Dixie washed off the topside of the boats to remove the salt. Later on we were invited to another long time friend of D&D, Margaret and Buddy Long. We were treated to supper which consists of fresh raw oysters, fried oysters and Ling (cobia) along with sides. Our desserts were orange rolls and Orange beach pie. (another version of key lime pie). You see Margaret is an historian. She has written, "The best place to be The story of Orange Beach Alabama". They are also big Alburn fans and here I come with my LSU wine glass. Had a really great time and hopefully will see them again on the way back. Had an interesting ride back to ChrisJen, but this is Dixie's story and need to get permission to tell. Hopefully in our next blog we will back track to tell it. The next day Mike and I went to Wal Mart and West Marine to get supplies and do a few more projects. Dixie rented a car to head back home to her grandsons graduation. Bed time was at 11:30. We decided to head to Navarre Beach the next morning.
Not to much to tell on this day, just made it to Navarre Beach. We are having fond memories of our family vacation that we had September '09 here. We found a hole that we were able to anchor in close to shore. We enjoyed the sunset then hit the sack. Woke up on sand, no problem, Mike started the engine and motored off. We are heading to Destin.
Made it to Destin around 11:00am. Anchored in Destin Harbor. had boats all around us. We dropped the dinghy and motored to shore, went eat and walk around a bit. We'll waite for D&D to catch up in the next few days. To bed at 8:30 pm.
We played lazy today, napped on and off. Did not take a dinghy ride to shore. Bed early. woke up this morning on a mission to buy groceries. Dinghed to shore and meet this guy named Russell. In talking to him, he stated he knew where Kaplan was. (shocked). Come to find out he went hunting with Greg Girouard from Kaplan, so Mike called Ernest Girouard, whom he worked with at the research station. Come to find out Greg is his brother. (small world). We walked to Target and Winn Dixie. Just as we were loading the dinghy here comes a small thunderstorm. Did not last but maybe 20 seconds, but they were big drops. Stayed cloudy all day. Took another ride to the jetties and Crab Island. More fond memories, this is where we would vacation when the girls were growing up. We noticed a sailboat ashore on its side pass the jetties. We didn't remember seeing it there when we came snorkeling in September. We went eat at Harry T's, so we asked our waiter (Mike) if that was just an attraction or was that a mishap. He said it was real and happened in June '09. Strange we didn't notice it on our vacation. Oh well. Lu ate chicken salad croissant and Mike ate fried oysters. Time to head to ChrisJen and get some rest.
Woke up early, watched the sunrise and wade anchor at 7:20am, then to East pass heading to the ICW. Long slow day today, made East bay and Sun HarborMarina at 4:30pm. next to Hathaway Bridge, Panama City. Docked the boat and headed to wash clothes. Met Gary and Jan, sat and chatted awhile. Then headed in for the night.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hi Family and Friends,

Sorry for the delay on the updates. It has been a little diffucult to get into the swing of things. We left the LAYC Monday, May 3rd. The first few days were uneventful, a stop @ Intracoastal City, then to Morgan City. No oil or closures on the ICW to report.
On Wed. heading into Houma we were boarded by HOMELAND SECURITY, all of our paperwork was in order so no search was necessary. Once we tied up @ the Twin Bridge Marina the pit was lit. We enjoyed rib eyes, broccli and green beans, not to mention a couple of bottles of wine. After, we watched the tows go by, only feet away. By Sat. we made it to Biloxi, the wind had increased to 25kts (time to come into safe harbor), we stopped @ the City Marina, right next to the Hard Rock Casino. Needless to say, that's where we ended up. The buffet was great, Lu stuffed herself with King crabs and Dixie played the slots. We had another great evening. When we retired to the boat we listened to the VHF to hear that there would be a smallcraft alert tomorrow so we decided to hold up another day. So, Sun. became a project day and we also rode the bikes to the grocery store for supplies, Just a 2 mile round trip, not a bad ride.
Monday we left Biloxi. The wave action was a little intense, but we made it to Dauphin Island without breakage. We heard someone hailing Me'Nou (Byler boat), Dicky responded, and it was Troy T. another member of the LAYC. He and his family were on vacation and noticed us on the ICW. Once we were anchored Troy came out to meet us. We live in a small world. Had another late night of enjoying wine and good friends.
I will stop for now, time to hit the bunk. Have interesting story to tell on next update, and hopefully some pictures.
Love, Lu & Mike