Saturday, March 12, 2011

We are still in Georgetown enjoying the activities of the 2 week regatta. Last night we went to chat n chill (a beach bar) and enjoyed some dancing. Yes, dancing. Mike had a good time. (I think) Today we dinghed over to the beach. I walked around shell hunting while Mike took a walk over the island to the sound to see the waves.  We are going into town around 4:30 to see what the final activity for the regatta, it is a variety show. With that there is a meal of ribs, slaw, and Mac n cheese. The Mac n cheese is made from scratch. It is quite good. I bought a week of wifi Thursday ($15.00 a week). We were able to speak to the kids with video. It was really great to see all of them. Well, computer battery is down. Will put pics tomorrow.

Friday, February 25, 2011

We are in Black Point Settlement Bay. The people are so friendly here, but I have to say that has been the way since we have been in the Bahamas. Friday night we went to happy hour at a local bar. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Mike was really getting into those rum punches. I tried then, but they were too strong for me. Then last night we went to a Bahaman Buffet. They are a little different then the American buffets. On the menu was conch fritters, chicken wings, fried snapper, b-b-q ribs, along with rice n peas, Mac n cheese, steamed veggies and potato salad. It was all good. I’m thinking today we will jump into the dinghies and go explore. Mike had a big chore yesterday. On our way over here the edge of the solar panel came loose on one end. Thank goodness it didn’t fall off. He removed the panel and repaired it. Oh course with Mike; it’s better than it was brand new. Lol Found free wifi at a local restaurant and was able to Skype Christina and Jennifer. Got to see and talk to all four boys. Really enjoyed seeing everyone. Our next port of call (I believe) will be Emerald Bay. We here it’s a buck a foot a night (32 foot boat = $32.00) FREE electricity, water, laundry and wifi). The word FREE has become one of my favorite words. Lol. Well just talked to Ken from Release and they want to hall the bikes to shore and go explore by bike. So we will do that instead of by water. We’ll write later

Hugs n kisses

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We are here in Norman’s Pond Cay. The cold front came through at 3:30 this morning. Mike decided to sleep in the cock pit last night so he could be aware when the North wind came through. I think it woke everyone up in this anchorage. Boats were swinging in every direction, but there were no mishaps.

We will sit tight this weekend. Hopefully it will warm up a little. Mike & Ken want to snorkel in the pond. There is a sunken plane they want to visit. Come Monday Morning we will head to Exuma Park.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi Everyone,

We went to Ft Lauderdale and spent almost a week there, before we felt like the weather was ok to move on down to Miami. We enjoyed going to the beach. Even though the wind was chilly there were still people sunbathing. Well I guess they wanted that tan really bad.

Today is Friday the 28th. We are preparing to head out tomorrow morning to cross the Gulf Stream into the Bahamas. We met a couple, Jack and Sherrie, from Alaska. They crossed over yesterday and ended up in Alice Town, Biminis. That is where we will stop first, in order to clear customs. They e-mailed us once they arrived so I know there is internet. I will post a few lines tomorrow, once we have tied up, so everyone will know we made it safely. I went ahead and posted some pictures, the water is beautiful. I told Mike it would be ok to stay here, but we find the people are not too friendly. Later

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We left a week ago Sunday and headed back to the boat which was tied up at Ronnie’s in Matlacha, FL. We stopped in Tampa for the night and had a visit with Ronnie and Karla.  Once we returned to ChrisJen, we checked her out to make sure everything was in working order. That afternoon Mike went a few houses down and spoke to a shrimper, who told him now was our best time to get out of the pass. We had no provisions yet so that was not possible. Tuesday morning we woke up and put our minds to getting the boat prepared and stocked. But, Mike could not leave without stopping at I Ragazzis’ and eating a Stromboli. The owner (Tim) stopped by the table to welcome us and sat down. We explained what we were doing and told him how much we enjoyed his food. He was so excited for us, he had the kitchen prepare and par-cook an extra Stromboli for us. That made Mike excited. We decided to wrap it in foil and place it in the freezer and will share with friends once we reach Bahamas. That evening around 7 was high tide. We gave it our best shot and came out the inlet with just a few scrapes on the bottom. It was just sand so it did no harm. We anchored right out of the inlet for the night, with a 25 to 30 knot wind.  Just to be on the safe side, since we were closer to the bridge then I wanted to be, we took 2 hour shifts, to make sure the anchor did not drag.  Left early the next day (Wednesday) to head across Florida to Stuart, to meet our friends from Vermont, Fran, Ken & Skipper (their Brittany Spaniel) who were waiting for us. It turned cold for Florida weather, but not as cold as the rest of the US.  Made it to Stuart that Friday night. The weekend was spent visiting with friends. We were going to head south Monday, but the weather was cloudy and rainy that afternoon. We headed out Tuesday morn. We are 3 s/v Chris-Jen (Lu & Mike), Release, (Fran & Ken), and Snow Goose, (Barb & Bill from Maine).  We all agreed to stay inside (intracoastal); the winds were not working with us.  We passed thru Lake Worth and saw some multimillion dollar yachts. WOW, were they ever huge.  Anchored in Lantana for the night. Woke up to a misty morning heading to Ft Lauderdale. Should be there this afternoon.  Will write again in a couple of days. Probably the morning we decide to head out across the ocean to the Bahamas. We have to waite for the right weather window. Later

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Morning People,

We have traveled to the Chesapeake Bay, which is a milestone. We spent a few days in Hampton touring a Air and Space Center(pics) and going to a Imax theater. That was the first time Lu has ever been to one, and what we understand, that is the biggest screen in the US. They also had a operating carousel, that they refurbished, which was built in 1920.(pics & videos). We made it to Deltaville for a couple of days. Not much there but that was ok. We walked, rode our bikes and enjoyed the scenery. That was the first time any of us saw an apple tree.(pics). The next stop was a marina in Heathsville. It is home owned by a couple and their son. Their names are Billy, Mary and little Billy. Very nice people. The marina name is Ingram Bay Marina. We really enjoyed ourselves. A cold front came through early one morning and guess what? GUMBO time.(pics) whooohooo.

Dixie cooked the gumbo and it was great. Even Billy and Mary thought so. We were about 5 miles before the turn to head up to the Potomac River which leads to Washington DC. We decided to head that way and see the sites. WOW it is so impressive. (lots of pics). We went to 3 of the Smithsonian Museums. The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial(my favorite), the White House and did alot of walking. We headed back down the Potomac River and stopped at Cobb Island and guess what? We are still here. The rate is $25.00 a week. WOW that is inexpensive. We rented a car and drove to Annapolis, then to Pennsylvania to visit the Amish Country. That was beautiful.We also stopped by a vegetable stand of a couple of Amish women. We bought cucumbers, tomatoes, and homemade bread and butter pickles. They are great. We visited a church not far from here named St. Ignatius which was built in 1798. There is a slave home that was used (rumored) in the underground railroad to free the slaves. Along the way we saw markers that were interesting, that path seems to be where John Wilkes Booth and his partner hide in the meadows until someone could get them across the Potomac to Virginia. We have pics in 2 different folders, cause we went 2 times.
We also passed through Port Deposit, MD, which has granite on the hill sides. And the homes are as close to the road as can be. We are going to head back to LA around the first week in October for a couple of weeks. Even thought we are enjoying ourselves it will be nice to be home for a little while. Later, L&M D&D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi y'all, the photo album of 08/17/10 was not suppose to post, so the first 29 pictures are from previous times that were not good enough to place on the blog, so just don't pay attention to them. And the rest of them, I usually go thru and delete the bad ones. Sorry.