Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi Everyone,

We went to Ft Lauderdale and spent almost a week there, before we felt like the weather was ok to move on down to Miami. We enjoyed going to the beach. Even though the wind was chilly there were still people sunbathing. Well I guess they wanted that tan really bad.

Today is Friday the 28th. We are preparing to head out tomorrow morning to cross the Gulf Stream into the Bahamas. We met a couple, Jack and Sherrie, from Alaska. They crossed over yesterday and ended up in Alice Town, Biminis. That is where we will stop first, in order to clear customs. They e-mailed us once they arrived so I know there is internet. I will post a few lines tomorrow, once we have tied up, so everyone will know we made it safely. I went ahead and posted some pictures, the water is beautiful. I told Mike it would be ok to stay here, but we find the people are not too friendly. Later

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